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I still dream of Tongo
  · 4 months ago.
It was another warm beautiful day on Isla San Cristobal.  Finished a delicious lunch at one of the local eateries.  Walked back to the Lavawave Surf office to grab the boards and head to the pier.  The 5 min. barefoot walk on the pavement was a little hot, but the anticipation of experiencing a new break sped up the pace.  Toto, expert surfer, Spanish translator, and my personal guide for the duration of my trip, arranged for the water taxi and we were off.  Within 10 min. we arrived at Tongo Reef (or Tongo's as the locals refer to it), jumped in the water and paddled to the point.  The water taxi left and would return in 2 hours.  Toto walked me through the info about the break, take-off points, and to avoid "the crown".  You'll just have to go to find out for yourself.  As we talked, a large silky wave rose up from its watery bed and wrapped around the left point break.  I paddled to meet the one I've only dreamed about to this point.  In a few short quick strokes, I experienced a little bit of heaven as I went down the line at Tongo's.  Unreal!  A point break all to myself with my buddy and Lavawave Surf guide, Toto.
I travelled to San Cristobal this past May and signed up with Lavawave Surf for the Wave Tour.  It was everything and more than I expected.  Lavawave Surf is a local family owned company.  Toto and Fede are the surf experts and guides.  Fede is a certified naturalist guide for the Galapagos.  I worked with Cristina, Lorenzo's wife, to make the travel arrangements -super responsive. Lorezo is the company's talented graphic artist. Stine, Toto's wife, offers yoga classes; and is also a physician in the event you need medical assistance.  I was treated like I was part of their family.  I highly recommend Lavawave Surf. The package included the hotel.  I stayed at Galapagos Casa Playa Mann.  All I can say is that I miss Lucia.  She, as well, treated me like family.  The room was fantastic, super clean.  A luxurious place to crash after a full day of surfing.  Breakfast was delicious and Lucia was my San Cristobal mom.  If I could, I would visit every year!
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