5 days in San Cristóbal Island


Interpretation center, Tijeretas, Carola
Start off with a visit to the Interpretation Center and walk on the Tijeretas Trail, then make sure to get some snorkeling down in the natural pool that forms at the Tijeretas Bay. Later, continue your adventure down to Punta Carola Beach where you will find San Cristobal’s Iconic Lighthouse placed in a stretch of black volcanic rocks.

Morning trip to Isla Lobos
Isla Lobos is the closest snorkeling site to Puerto Baquerizo Moreno. With the right timing, it is possible to see baby sea lions or marine iguanas eating seaweed and swimming in the water. The channel the island makes next to San Cristobal creates excellent conditions to encounter wildlife. The island is most known for its resident sea lion population, where dozens of them play in the turquoise water and dot the white sands to rest. You can also do some bird watching for blue-footed boobies, Darwin finches, brown pelicans, and frigate birds.

Afternoon trip to the Highland
For your transportation you may choose between a mountain bike and a 4x4 truck to El Junco, the only permanent fresh water lake in Galapagos. It is located at 659 meters above sea level on an amazing volcano crater which gives a 360 degree view of the island. After we will continue with a short drive to La Galapaguera at Cerro Colorado, a free range tortoise breeding center managed by the Galapagos National Park. We’ll walk the grounds in search of wild giant tortoises and learn about the efforts this center makes to support their conservation. Afterwards we will go to the beautiful beach of Puerto Chino.

This day will start with a boat ride of approximately 2 hours to Espanola, the oldest island of the Archipelago and one of the most spectacular places for marine bird observation. First you will visit the Gardner Islet where you will snorkel hopefully with a parade of exotic animals. Later you will continue on a hike to Punta Suarez. This island is formed by ravines with such high altitudes that one of its main attractions is the famous blow hole, where water often shoots up anywhere from 15 to 25 meters high. Additionally you can enjoy extensive bird watching; catch a view of the albatross, Nazca boobies, Spanish mockingbirds, Galápagos sparrow hawk, galapagos pigeon, tropical birds, swallow-tailed gull, artisan finch, cactus finch & american oystercatchers. Española is certainly one of the most diverse islands from the Archipelago.

Kicker Rock/ León Dormido
On this day, we are going to visit Kicker Rock Islet, an amazing rock formation located northeast of San Cristobal Island and rising over 500 feet above the ocean. When viewed from the south the rock resembles a sleeping lion, which inspires its name in spanish. These rocks are remnants of a vertical formation of volcanic stone and are a favorite place for many species of seabirds. The erosion of the cone has created a channel between the rocks, which provides the ideal habitat for hammerhead and Galapagos sharks, eagle rays, sea turtles and a variety of fish species. We will snorkel for about one hour in the channel, which has a depth of about 100 feet at the entrance and slowly lessens to 36 feet deep as you advance through it. Afterwards, we will visit one of the pristine beaches that can only be accessed from the sea and where visits are regulated by National Park Rules. You will find white sand and turquoise waters, ideal for a relaxing afternoon.

Free Morning. Transfer from your Hotel to the Airport.


Transfer from the airport to the hotel followed by an introductory briefing.
Local bilingual guide and host available for the duration of your stay.
Transportation for day tours both in land and navigable.
Navigable day tours include lunch, snacks, refreshments, towels and short wetsuits.
Snorkeling equipment to use during the entire trip.


Sun block
Insect Repellent
Hiking/Walking shoes


Entrance fee to the National Park ($100 USD cash only)
Galapagos Migration Control Card ($20 USD cash only)
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Scuba Diving


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